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Katie L. Ranker


The rights of fit and loving parents are consistently being infringed upon under Pennsylvania’s arbitrary grandparent visitation law and its mistreatment of divorced parents. Section 5325(2) of Pennsylvania’s Domestic Relations Code provides standing for grandparents to file for partial physical custody and supervised physical custody of their grandchildren “where the parents of the child have been

JD Moore


“The class action is one of the few legal remedies the small claimant has against those who command the status quo.” –Justice W.O. Douglas.

Since its inception, the class action has provided a means of compensation for plaintiffs whose claims may be too small to litigate individually. For decades, courts have held that any proposed class must

William Funk


Although the enactment of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) was intended to establish a uniform set of procedures applicable to adjudications “required by statute to be determined on the record after opportunity for an agency hearing,” agencies have long sought to avoid those procedures, and, in particular, Administrative Law Judges, by substituting informal, non-APA adjudications. Over time,

Jeffrey M. Colon


Since the repeal of the General Utilities doctrine over 30 years ago, corporations must recognize gain when distributing appreciated property to their shareholders. Regulated investment companies (RICs), which generally must be organized as domestic corporations, are exempt from this rule when distributing property in kind to a redeeming shareholder.

In-kind redemptions, while rare for mutual funds,