Katie L. Ranker


The rights of fit and loving parents are consistently being infringed upon under Pennsylvania’s arbitrary grandparent visitation law and its mistreatment of divorced parents. Section 5325(2) of Pennsylvania’s Domestic Relations Code provides standing for grandparents to file for partial physical custody and supervised physical custody of their grandchildren “where the parents of the child have been

JD Moore


“The class action is one of the few legal remedies the small claimant has against those who command the status quo.” –Justice W.O. Douglas.

Since its inception, the class action has provided a means of compensation for plaintiffs whose claims may be too small to litigate individually. For decades, courts have held that any proposed class must

Nicholas A. Taylor


“Trigger of coverage theories are described as ‘judicial gatekeepers,’ matching specified claims to particular policies. They identify which insurance policies may have to respond to particular claims and, consequently, have a strong influence on the ultimate resolution of cases.” –Gregory A. Goodman

Triggers of coverage in liability insurance coverage disputes often play a large role in

Victoria Cvek


The increasing popularity of social media, especially among school- aged children, has created new legal issues within the school setting. School administrators are tasked with maintaining order within their schools, while dealing with these emerging issues. In some schools, student social media activity has spurred a new set of policies that allow administrators to monitor such activity