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The Supreme Court recently granted certiorari in Kokesh v. SEC.[1] The question that currently divides the courts of appeals is whether the statute of limitations period in 28 U.S.C. §2462 is applicable to the Commission’s actions seeking disgorgement of illegal gains obtained in violation of the Federal Securities Laws. The statute sets out a five-year time limitation “for

By: Vebjoern Hurum

Published 3/20/2017


Over the last years there has been an increase in the support of right-wing and nationalist parties in European countries as a reaction to the increased number of refugees coming to Europe.[1] This has also lead to adoption of anti-immigration legislation by several European countries.[2] Some European countries have adopted legislation which

By: Kierra Brown

Published: 3/20/2017


The Eighth Amendment provides that, “excessive bail should not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The Supreme Court of the United States has interpreted this to mean that punishments must be proportionate to both the offense and the offender. Proportionality is ever changing, as is modern society’s understanding

The coming days will present a unique time in Pennsylvania’s political cycle; petition circulation. To be placed on the primary ballot in May, Republican and Democratic candidates have until March 6th 2017 to obtain a specific number of signatures from qualified electors in their election district. Subsequently, citizens may legally challenge a potential candidate’s signatures through a variety of