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Scholarly Dialogue: Kit Kinports (Apr 2010)

Penn State Law Review hosted a Scholarly Dialogue on April 12, 2010 featuring Kit Kinports, Polisher Family Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Law, as she presented her work, “Veteran Police Officers and Three-Dollar Steaks:  The Subjective/Objective Dimensions of Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion.”  This Article addresses two issues surrounding probable cause and reasonable suspicion that test the line between subjective and objective standards in Fourth Amendment jurisprudence: the extent to which a particular police officer’s training and experience ought to be considered in measuring probable cause and reasonable suspicion, and the relevance of the officer’s subjective beliefs about the presence of a weapon in assessing the reasonable suspicion required to justify a frisk.  Richard J. Lupinsky, Jr., Senior Editor of the Penn State Law Review, dialogued with Professor Kinports concerning her article, followed by a public question and answer period. [watch video]

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