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Writing Competition

Membership in Penn State Law Review

The Penn State Law Review (PSLR) extends annual membership invitations to rising second-year students following the conclusion of the spring semester. The Editor-in-Chief determines the total number of membership invitations after considering the various needs of PSLR. Of the available membership invitations, one-half are based upon grades and the other half are based upon evaluations of the intra-journal write-on competition with Penn State Law Review, Penn State International Law Review, and The Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation. The write-on competition commences during the summer after grades from the previous semester are released and consists of a casenote and Bluebook quiz. Comments Editors and Senior Editors grade each casenote, and the casenote scores are cumulated. The casenotes are evaluated on the following criteria: mechanics, style, organization, use of authority, and analysis. The Research Editor scores each Bluebook quiz in accordance with a standardized rubric. Subsequently, the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor invite those individuals with the highest cumulative score on the write-on competition to join PSLR.

The students invited to join PSLR are considered Associate Editors. Associate Editors are expected to participate on PSLR for four consecutive semesters. During their first and second semester, Associate Editors will write a comment of publishable quality and complete source check assignments.