About Penn State Law Review

The Law Review is the flagship publication of Penn State Dickinson School of Law, the fifth oldest law school in America and the oldest law school in Pennsylvania.  The Law Review has been published continuously since 1897.  “The Forum” was the original name of the publication.  In that year, the editors of The Forum wrote:

While we feel that a certain amount of pride may be taken in Volume I, Number 1, yet we promise better things in the future when the journal becomes more firmly established.”

More than one hundred years later, the Law Review renews this promise with an ongoing commitment to top legal scholarship.  The Online Companion is here to stay.  It will give our readers greater access to our published content, and it will give our authors a wider readership.  We hope to generate a lively legal debate that is responsive to the needs of our fast-paced world.

As always, we extend our gratitude to our authors for their diligent and able scholarship.  Your efforts inspire us.

*** History of the Journal ***

The Penn State Law Review was founded in 1897 as The Forum and was later renamed the Dickinson Law Review. When the Dickinson Law School merged with Penn State University in 2003, the name of the journal was changed to the Penn State Law Review.  The Penn State Law Review is one of the oldest legal periodicals in the nation.  As a general-interest journal, the Penn State Law Review publishes in the broad range of legal scholarship and does not limit submissions by any specific topic.  Generally, each issue includes several legal articles and comments. The articles are written by legal scholars and practitioners, and the comments are written by Penn State law students. Every year, as part of a stringent selection process, the journal evaluates a host of submissions.  The Law Review publishes four print issues per year.

The Penn State Law Review is one of three legal periodicals published by the Penn State Law School.  The other Penn State journals are the Penn State Journal of Law & International Affairs and The Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation.

If you are interested in publishing with the Penn State Law Review, please visit our submissions section.

For additional history of the Law Review, please read Mark Podvia’s The Dickinson Law Review: A Brief History, and 1897-2004 Appendix.